Northside Trailer Sales Financing

If you’re considering financing your new trailer, we can help with that. While we do not offer in house financing, we work closely with Sheffield Financial to get your financing taken care of as quickly as possible.

Steps needed to finance through Sheffield Financial:

  1. Contact us here at Northside Trailer
    1. As soon as you know which trailer you are wanting to finance so that we may place a hold on it while the financing process is taking place.
  2. Fill out an Application. (This may take place in person at our office or you may do so online.)
    1. If you choose to come in person to our office please bring a current valid Government issued ID with you as we will be able to complete the entire application process that day.
    2. If you choose to complete it online, Sheffield Financial will send a tentative Pre-Approval or denial letter via email after the application has been completed.
      1. If you receive a tentative pre-approval email, please contact us as soon as you receive your Sheffield Approval Number that will be in your email confirmation. This will allow us to complete the application process on our end and get the finalized information from Sheffield to you.
  3. We contact Sheffield Financial to finalize contract details.
    1. Once Sheffield Financial has a completed application for you and we have called them with the Sheffield Approval Number they will go over the payment terms and rates to go over with you.
  4. Sign the Contract.
    1. Once you have been approved and agree to payment terms, you will need to come into the office to sign the Sheffield Financial contract.
      1. You will need to bring a current valid Drivers License or current U.S. Passport with you when you come to sign the contract.

We will also happily accept payment through other finance companies if you have one you already wish to work with! Our friendly and professional staff just want get you on the road to your destination with your new trailer as soon as possible!